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Writers' Guild to hold gaming event

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain has announced plans to hold its inaugural games industry forum, with the support of the BAFTA Interactive Games Committee, in London this month.

Developers, publishers, writers and anyone working across the games and multimedia industry are invited to attend. The event will begin with a panel discussion, comprising speakers from leading companies and established writers, which will focus on topics such as storylining MMORPGs, condensing text for mobile games and ways in which the industry can work with writers to produce better games and increase profits.

There will also be a series of talks looking at how to hire writers and when to involve them in the development process. The aim of the event is "to produce an industry's user guide to help both writers and the industry find the best in each other," according to a statement issued by the Writer's Guild.

The event will take place on June 22 in BAFTA's David Lean room, central London. Anyone wishing to attend should email naomi@writersguild.org.uk. Further information is available from the Writer's Guild website.

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