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WorldGaming.com / Sweetpatch TV deal

Online FIFA 09 tournaments to be staged from next week onwards.

(Toronto, ONT) – May 12, 2009 – WorldGaming.com ( www.worldgaming.com), the premier, online destination for competitive gamers to network and challenge each other for cash and prizes, today announced a partnership with Sweetpatch TV ( www.sweetpatch.tv), the No. 1 FIFA gaming site in the United Kingdom and one of the top-five FIFA gaming sites in the world. The new partnership will see WorldGaming.com working together with Sweetpatch TV to provide multi-bracket, online tournaments to FIFA ’09 gamers across the globe. The two companies will kick things off with a 64-man, $500 FIFA ’09 tournament to be held on May 19th and 20th 2009.

“Sweetpatch TV is absolutely huge in the world of FIFA and we’re really excited to have them as a partner,” said Billy Levy, president and co-founder, WorldGaming. “We’ve already been discussing some ideas for future tournaments and we can’t wait to see the response from the FIFA gamers when they find out what we have planned.”

The inaugural 64-man tournament will be promoted on www.worldgaming.com as well as www.sweetpatch.tv and will be open to any and all FIFA ’09 players. The WorldGaming.com “Online Tournament Technology” enables players to participate from the comfort of their own homes and, of course as with all WorldGaming tournaments, there will be no dress code. The tournament will also employ WorldGaming.com’s “Spread the Wealth” payout system, which will operate as follows:

Entry Fee: $5

Prize Pool: $500

Round 1 Losers receive ZERO (this ain’t charity, you gotta have some skill)

Round 2 Losers receive $8.75 each (win just one game and you’re already ahead!)

Round 3 Losers receive $11.25 each (not bad for being half-way decent at FIFA ’09)

Round 4 Losers receive $17.50 each (now we’re talking)

Round 5 Losers receive $25 each (most tournaments you’d be leaving empty handed)

Second Place Finisher receives $50 (Someone slap that guy and remind him he didn’t WIN!)

Winner receives $100 (Hey, it’s not the whole $500, but you get all the glory, you can still gloat and the other guys don’t hate you quite as much!)

“Our partnership with WorldGaming.com is a marriage made in FIFA heaven,” said David Witts, owner and webmaster, Sweetpatch TV. “We definitely see the future of tournaments quickly evolving to the Pay-to-Play format and we are now able to feed the hunger of our FIFA gamers by way of regular tournaments with exceptional prize pots.”

WorldGaming.com offers its one-on-one challenges and multiplayer tournaments in a variety of games across multiple genres, from first-person shooters like Halo 3 and Resistance Fall of Man to the most popular sports titles, including Madden Football, MLB ‘09 the Show, FIFA Soccer and many more – with new titles added regularly. The site offers a quick and easy challenge process, automated results verification, player stat tracking and skill rankings, dedicated game lobbies with live chat for each supported title, and easy matchmaking.

About WorldGaming.com

Founded in 2006, WorldGaming.com is the premier online destination for console gamers to network and challenge other players from around the world in tournaments for cash and prizes. With an array of features including automated results verification, a secure payment backend, and a Community Reputation System, WorldGaming.com allows gamers to easily find and compete against other players in their favorite multiplayer games and guarantees the winners get paid. WorldGaming.com also offers robust social networking and community features with member pages, clan support, invitational tournaments, stats tracking, news, reviews, and more. For additional information, visit www.worldgaming.com.

About Sweetpatch TV

The Sweetpatch site has been in existence since 22nd September 1999. During that time it has progressed from solely supporting the development of the FIFA Multi Roster Assistant (MRA) utility (for simple loading and unloading game patches into gamers FIFA PC games) to becoming the UK's number one (and one of the world's top 5) FIFA gaming sites focused on the delivery of daily gaming news blended with the real world of football news. During the summer of 2007 the next era of the website commenced as the world of Sweetpatch TV arrived on the scene. This site delivers a much more modern and professional image, based on the concept of a TV Station. The new site runs on a professional Content Management System (CMS) with functionality and consistency delivered through the use of modern techniques. This new functionality delivers a much more professional platform with the ability to expand and introduce many more contributors to the site.

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