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World of Kung Fu

This one's headline almost sent it into our spam folder.

- For Immediate Release -

[Shanghai, Mar 20th, 2009] Among so many magnificent mounts in MMORPG World of Kung Fu, the Giant Elephant is the dream of the hardcore players and mount-collectors. Can you imagine how BIG you and your mount will be when you use the Titan Charm, Transform Card and have the God Blessing buff? Hoho… yeah, you will be bigger than any boss in the game! However, except those who won arena events held by GMs, most players are not lucky enough to be an elephant rider.

Now, your chance is coming! You can get a permanent Giant Elephant by opening a Fortune Box! You don’t think you will be lucky enough? Don’t worry! Soon the Fortune Box will have a promotion week! In addition, many items, like Wish Rings, Transform Card of Kung Fu Fighter and cute looting pets that you are in dire need of will be put in to the Fortune Box!

And that is not all! You will also have a chance to get Experience Gems and Qigong Charms from the Fortune Box. Experience Gem will add your experience immediately and Qigong Charms can add your Qigong Points which can be used to increase your time in Qigong Temple. Both of them will have a comparatively high ratio to get and thus the Fortune Box will become a great help leveling you up more quickly.

Well, can’t wait to try your luck? The new Fortune Box will be updated in several days! Keep an eye on our website: www.worldofkungfu.com

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