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World of Kung Fu

Protective demon added.

Shanghai, June 4th, 2009 -  Do you know Sheng Xiao, the Chinese zodiac? Maybe it’s a fresh word in English world. But in China, everyone has Sheng Xiao as the guarding demon of themselves. When a little baby comes to this world, he will get Sheng Xiao depending on his date of birth.

In Chinese traditional culture, each year has an animal to symbolize. There are totally 12 animals as a rotation: rat, bull, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, cock, dog and pig. They are called 12 Sheng Xiao in China.

Now 12 Sheng Xiao will arrive as pets of players in World of Kung Fu, the popular MMORPG from VestGame Entertainment next week. The pets not only can pick up loots for their owner, but also bless people with nice buff.

Do you know which animal is the guarding demon of you? Here are some years related to different Sheng Xiao. Check the year you were born and get your Sheng Xiao.

Rat: 1948A1960A1972A1984A1996A2008

Bull: 1949A1961A1973A1985A1997A2009

Tiger: 1950A1962A1974A1986A1998

Rabbit : 1951A1963A1975A1987A1999

Dragon : 1952A1964A1976A1988A2000

Snake : 1953A1965A1977A1989A2001

Horse : 1954A1966A1978A1990A2002

Goat: 1955A1967A1979A1991A2003

Monkey : 1956A1968A1980A1992A2004

Cock : 1957A1969A1981A1993A2005

Dog: 1958A1970A1982A1994A2006

Pig: 1959A1971A1983A1995A2007

It will be nice to have a Sheng Xiao pet of your birthday to company you in journey. They will bring you good luck and happiness. More details about Sheng Xiao Pets, please visit www.worldofkungfu.com.


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