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World Basketball Manager 2008 is looking for publishers worldwide.

For immediate release:

Icehole games is happy to announce the release of its new game "World Basketball Manager 2008" which is the latest version in their successful franchise of WBM games.

WBM series started back in 1999 and continues to improve using the fans' feedback and the experience from previous versions.

All these years WBM succeeded to establish itself in the minds of hard core basketball and management games fans as the best basketball management game in the world.

If you are not familiar with WBM you should know that it is a realistic and accurate basketball strategy game that uses the same gameplay principles as most soccer management games do.

The game covers all serious basketball action around the world with more than 65 national and international tournaments, 651 teams, 10.000 basketball players and 1.000 managers.

WBM 2008 is here to expand the series with impressive new features and improvements that include:

Pre Season Training centers

The managers have now the ability to select a training center in order to prepare their players for the new season. A good training center will make sure that the players will keep their form for a longer time in the upcoming season, develop better using their hidden potential and have less injuries and psycho problems.


Until now teams with good performance had to wait until next season in order to benefit from it. From 2008 version teams with a good season will benefit immediately by signing sponsoring contract with various companies. And this means a lot of extra cash for transfers and contracts.

New Training System

This is another important improvement. The interface is a lot friendlier and the managers have the ability to train their players in more areas controlling at the same time their condition and fatigue. For the first time is also possible to improve team's cohesion and zone defending through training.

Form has been added in Players' attributes

It's a new attribute that modifies a player's psychical attributes. It depends on summer training, match participation and everyday training. So the manager has to find the perfect combination for each player.

Ability to select database size

The user can now select to improve game speed or realism by loading the Big or the Small database.

Opponents Scouting

Before every match the managers will receive a scouting report about their next opponent with general info, evaluation, star players, offensive skills to watch out etc.

Take control of National teams from day 1

Many users asked for this so we decided to include the option to take control of your favourite national team from the first day of a new game. Alternatively you can skip this and start only as a club team manager, do a great job and let them beg you to step in and save the nation!

Name Search

As WBM database is getting bigger and bigger, this feature is very important in order to find a player.

Windowed Version

For all users that play WBM in the office or run several programs at the same time.

Windows Vista support

As WBM users increase so do Vista users.

New Data Editor

The easy to use data editor will be here for another season in an improved version.

Tournament Editor

No need to beg developers to add your favorite tournament in the game any more. Just add it yourself by using this is easy editor.

All major tournament formats have been updated

As usual, WBM features the latest format for every important basketball tournament around the world. This year we have new league systems for Australia, Brazil, France, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Turkey to name just a few.

Available to 8 languages

WBM 2008 is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Spanish.

New setup program

A new multilingual setup will make installation easier in your own language.

All improvements and features from versions 1.6.1 and 1.7.1

For more info about the game you can visit WBM official site: www.wbmgame.com or write at info@wbmgame.com


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