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Word Champion

Learn English vocabulary through the power of games.

Is there anything more boring and tedious than learning to master a language from old and dusty books? With Word Champion for the Apple iPhone TM and Apple iPod touch ® learning becomes fun! In this gaming oriented learning tool you have the opportunity to challenge your knowledge of the English language in an entertaining way. Word Champion features more than 750 different word definitions and synonyms, and allows you to tests your skills in word and phrases definitions in a quiz-like format. With Word Champion you can finally get bragging rights and show off to your friends who have low scores on their own word section of their SATs!

Word Champion is played following a quiz and trivia question format. It presents you with a question about either the definition of a word or phrase, or a synonym for them. Next you are given four possible answers, and each correct answer scores you a point. As you accumulate a certain number of points by learning and improving your language skills, you are awarded different ranks, from high school level all the way up to Word Champion. The more correct answers you score, the more so-called "bonus misses" you are awarded, which ultimately allow you to attain a higher number of incorrect answers before the game is ended.

Word Champion is developed by independent developer Javier M. Chavez, and is available from the App Store here:


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