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Pre-paid gift card scheme launched at a number of North American retailers.

PLANO, TEXAS (July 8, 2009) – KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc., creator of high quality, downloadable, family-friendly MMO’s, announces the release of Wizard101® prepaid gift cards in major retailers nationwide. Wizard101’s prepaid gift cards are available in $10 and $20 increments, depending on location, and include a limited edition in-game collectible pet that can protect and assist Wizards as they venture through spell-binding virtual worlds.

Earlier this year, Wizard101 launched their prepaid gift card program in all Rite Aid® and 7-Eleven® stores nationwide. After the program’s successful start, KingsIsle has expanded the gift card program to include distribution at the following retail outlets, with anticipated launch dates specified below.

· Blockbuster® (Release date - June 29)

· Best Buy® (Release date - July 15)

· Wal-Mart® (Release date - July 27)

· Toys “R” Us® (Release date - August 3)

“Wizard101’s prepaid gift cards provide young members of our growing community easier access to the game’s premium content and gives parents a fun, convenient gift that kids can enjoy for days,” said KingsIsle CEO Elie Akilian.

Prepaid gift cards provide players, especially those without a credit card, access to “Crowns” Wizard101’s in game currency. “Crowns” help players access new worlds and can be used to purchase virtual goods such as wands, treasure cards and advanced equipment for their characters.

Wizard101 players enter the magical world of Wizard City as student Wizards setting out to hone their Wizard skills, cast spells and summon powerful creatures to fight evil forces. The characters and worlds of Wizard101 are influenced by literature, history and pop culture, giving the game a depth and quality appreciated by adults and enjoyable for families to play together. The game provides a safe online, virtual environment for kids to game together by offering special community chat levels and parental controls.

About KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

Founded in 2005, with operations in the Dallas area and Austin, KingsIsle is creating massively multiplayer online entertainment offerings that are innovative, compelling, uncommon and of high quality. They have brought together a team of highly creative, energetic, accomplished and skilled professionals to develop these projects. The team consists of individuals with unique and in-depth experience in the development of video games, online environments, communications and commercial software. For more information, please visit www.kingsisle.com.

KingsIsle and Wizard101 are trademarks or registered trademarks of KingsIsle Entertainment Inc.


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