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Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok

Global retail and digital rights to the adventure title secured by Lace Mamba Global.

Developed by Wax Lyrical Games the atmospheric adventure game is the first title to be released by programmers Alan Thorn and Marlies Maalerink and will be published under the Odyissia adventure brand within LMG.

The game is due to be released in October 2010 and adds to the already substantial release schedule for the adventure brand for 2010.

Jason Codd of LMG explains why he sees this game as a real credit to the 2010 schedule:

"After playing through the demo we were really impressed with what Wax Lyrical had started to developed and it fitted our schedule perfectly. The atmosphere of the game is a real chiller and it will give point and click adventure fans something different to the norm. We are delighted to add Nemisis of Ragnarok to our catalogue of great adventure games and look forward to working with Wax Lyrical over the forth coming months".

Games synopsis:

The eccentric architect Baron Wittard has built something really Special: a city inside a building. This monumental pleasure dome, called 'The Utopia', it features 100 apartments, a shopping mall, and hundreds of offices and leisure facilities, all under one roof.

The grand opening of Utopia was supposed to of been two years ago. That event never happened. Since then a chain of mysterious events have occurred people have gone missing and electromagnetic disturbances have caused havoc: Utopia reminds abandoned and silent.

Armed with only a camera and a torch, you must journey to Utopia alone to explore its winding corridors, its secret passageways, and its gloomy halls. Local townspeople say Wittard holds a terrible secret .They speak fearfully of someone or something malevolent lurking at the city- they say it is waiting and growing in power- they say time is running out……


*Non-linear game play: explore at your own pace

*Experience urban decay in high resolution graphics

*Eerie and mysterious soundtrack with full musical score

*Discover a massive world in First Person Perspective

*Use skill and cunning to search for clues and solve puzzles

*A gentle but gripping plot packed with twists and turns

Alan Thorn of Wax Lyrical explains a bit more about the game:

"It can be both an enchanting and enthralling experience to explore the abandoned remains of an old building that time forgot. It has been our intention at Wax Lyrical Games to recreate and dramatise that experience in a video game- Wittard embodies this intention. It throws the gamer into a massive and mysterious ruin in the middle of nowhere. Then it leaves them there unaided to explore its darkest depths and to solve its unnerving mysteries".

Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok will be released world wide. Review copies will be made available so please contact jennie@lmglobal.net for further information.

LMG are interested in talking to developers with regards to next generation development and ask interested parties to contact Jason Codd ( jason@lm-global.net)


About Lace Mamba Global.

Jason Codd on the recent formation of the label:

“The formation of Lace Mamba Global is a massive step for Mamba Games and we are delighted that this will give us the next step needed to move into next generation and become a real player. Lace Group are the largest DVD distributor in the UK and they have masses of experience and a terrific team, this merger can only be positive and we have been impressed by the visions they have for the video games market. Bringing together the 2 teams to create a large organization will allow us to fulfil our ambitions and we are already planning our PS3 and X360 development strategy for 2011. We will still be independent and look to work with studios of all sizes but of course with the financial investment, we now have substantial budgets to work with and we will be carefully selecting the products that we feel will work in our schedule".

The two companies bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Mamba Games was set up by Robert Neilson in 2008 and since then the team and the catalogue has grown substantially. However as reliable and cost effective production, sales and distribution is key for any company and more so for an independent publisher in the current climate Mamba have now joined forces with Lace.

Lace Group, headed by Adam Lacey has a fully established production and sales team based in the UK that work closely alongside their sales partner Sony DADC so that Lace are able to ensure a smooth process from delivery of assets through to retail.

With every aspect now in house LMG are focused at establishing themselves as a serious competitor in the games market- globally.

Adam Lacey of Lace International explains why he thinks the formula will work,

"we are independent, focused and very experienced in the market place. Mamba brings a huge amount of ambition and expertise to the table with an established network of global customers and sales and distribution agreements in place. We intend to really shake up the games market and become a very creative and dynamic force in the games business over the coming months and years".




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