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Wii Sports Resort sales reach 7 million

Lifetime sales for Wii Sports now top 50 million worldwide

Wii Sports Resort has sold nearly seven million units since its launch earlier this year, and the original Wii Sports has now topped sales of 50 million, Nintendo has told investors.

In a supplementary note that follows its earnings report last week, the company said that Wii Sports Resort has now sold 6.97 million units worldwide while Wii Sports' 4.83 million sales in the last quarter have pushed the game's sales to date up to 50.5 million since its launch in November 2006, as reported by Eurogamer.

Elsewhere on Wii, Wii Fit sales stand at 22.5 million, Mario Kart Wii at 18.4 million, Wii Play 24.4 million and Wii Fit Plus has reached 2.13 million.

Nintendo also listed sales figures to date for its best selling DS titles, with New Super Mario Bros coming out on top with 19.94 million units sold.

The DS's most recent success was Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, which stands at 2.27 million, while Pokemon Platinum has reached 6.39 million to date.

Mario Kart DS sales have hit 16.1 million, Tomodachi Collection 1.45 million and Professor Layton and Pandora's Box is at 1.26 million.

Last week Nintendo cut its full-year profit forecasts to JPY 230 billion (USD 2.53) from JPY 300 billion (USD 3.30 billion) following lower then expected sales of Wii hardware.

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