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Where is the love? Paragon City of Course!

Thursday 9 February 2006/... This February, NCsoft Europe® is pleased to offer you not one but two chances to spread the love in Paragon City with an in-game Valentine celebration and a City of VillainsTM 14 day free trial!

Heroes and Villains Kiss & Make-Up

As Valentine's Day approaches, can it bring about a temporary reprieve in the eternal battle between good and evil? On 9th February Eros, the God of Love, is descending on Paragon City hoping to harness the primordial forces of love, allowing hero and villain alike to lay down arms and join together! Where better to bury the hatchet than on the dance floor at the Pocket D? Idealistic Pocket D owner, DJ Zero, believes that a good song and a shared dance can cure all the world's woes. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity, heroes and villains will be able to go on missions that can only be completed through cooperation - sworn enemies joining forces for the greater good! In honour of Eros, heroes and villains will also be able to unlock a unique clothing item - the Patrician Toga!

Spread the Love

Do you love City of HeroesTM and City of Villains? Spread the love with a free 14 day trial for City of Villains. Give the trial to a friend or, if you haven't yet, give City of Villains a spin yourself and see if it really is love at first sight. And that is not all! If the recipient of your free trial purchases and activates City of Villains before 13th March 2006, both you and your friend will get two unique in-game costume items to recognise your love - the Victory Laurel and Hellenic Sandals.

For more information on the forthcoming February events, head to http://eu.cityofheroes.com or http://eu.cityofvillains.com

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