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Waygate advertising partner programme

Online game operator offering website owners cash for referrals.


LONDON – July 23, 2008 – Waygate Publishing Limited, a London-based company specialising in the localisation and operation of Russian online games for the Western market, today launched an advertising partnership programme, in conjunction with IT Territory, allowing anyone with a website to profit from advertising Waygate Publishing’s projects on a pay-per-result basis.

Mutual benefits

Anyone living in Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand can use the scheme to earn money from their website by advertising Waygate’s projects. Users simply need to sign up at http://1link.ru/en/index.php?content=main, set up a programme and paste the referral code into their website. At present the scheme is being implemented for Waygate’s popular Legend: Legacy of Dragons ( www.warofdragons.com) MMORPG which will see users paid $0.10 for each registration referred from their website.

Payment for real results

Instead of payments for displaying banners and simply clicking on links, Waygate Publishing will reward users of the programme for real results, such as registration, and, if successful, hopes to extend it to micro-transactions. This means that a site that generates lots of registrations will receive greater rewards for their efforts and not have to watch as other sites generate hits, but no tangible results, yet still receive the same reward!

Users will have complete control of the campaign and be able to evaluate the efficiency of any and every programme they set up.

Further details can be found at http://1link.ru/en/index.php?content=main.

Mercenaries and magic soon on the loose!

Waygate Publishing also announced that it is close to completing its next major content update, which will include three new reputations (the Stone Lotus, Red Axes and Night Stealers mercenary clans) led by four brand new NPCs (Lloyd the Redoubtale, Bloodthirsty Kyew, Elusive Shuan and Phinko the Sage), new steeds (poisonous Crion and Battle Zorbs and poisonous Luan and Berona Tigers), and the introduction of Faeo’s Schools of Magic (Fire, Shadow, Earth, Light, Air and Water), led by the mighty War Mages (Fayt, Hombre, Landt, Velt, Yu and Aguas). More information will follow nearer the time of the update.

About Waygate Publishing

Waygate Publishing Limited operates from offices in central London and Colchester, specialising in the localisation and operation of Eastern European online games. The company also develops location-aware multimedia, used in popular satellite navigation devices.


About Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is a massive multiplayer browser-based online fantasy game. In the stunning world of Faeo, a bloody war has been raging for centuries. Two races – the Magmars and the Humans – are fighting for the very right to exist. One of Legend’s main features is its unique battle system in which every character movement is animated and in real-time, during a battle, players can see the results of their actions. You will find nothing like it in other browser-based MMORPGs. A character’s clothes and weapons are not only depicted in the ‘Character’ window, but also during battle.


Tom Duerden, Communications Director



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