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Warthog shows off new IP developments

Britsoft developer Warthog Games has created a showcase for three original titles which it is currently developing, demonstrating the company's ability to create original intellectual property for both home and handheld console platforms.

The range of new titles - which are as yet unsigned by any publisher, and final decisions on destination platforms for the home console games have not been made - is headlined by Johnny Whatever, a tongue in cheek title which draws on the punk era in Britain and sees the eponymous punk rocker hero defeating the oppressive forces of the "Iron Lady" using a unique music-based action system.

Set in the dystopian future city of "Lower London," the game allows players to attack enemies (the distinctive "Robo-bobbies") by playing famous rock anthems - or creating their own music - on the console joypad.

The company's other home console title is Milo and the Rainbow Nasties, an action adventure title which boasts a simple control system that makes it highly accessible for all ages, and sees players restoring colour to a range of cartoon worlds in a child-friendly game which Warthog believes has the potential to be extended into a cartoon or other product franchise.

Finally, the firm has revealed its first title for the PlayStation Portable, Sticky Balls - a game described as "an exercise in pure gameplay" which sees the player attempting to join coloured balls on a variety of 3D "tables" into clusters, which disappear from play once the cluster reaches the required size. The title has already been cited in a university course in game design, and Warthog has high hopes for its potential on handheld platforms.

Information about all of the company's original developments can be found at the [Warthog Unleashed website].

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