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Warrior Epic

Details on the six character classes.

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., (January 22, 2009) - True Games Interactive, an international publisher of multi-player online games, revealed today the exciting details and a new video of the six unique character classes in Warrior Epic ( www.warriorepic.com). Developed by Austin-based studio Possibility Space, the game has already developed a growing community and will launch in Spring 2009. See below for the

full details of each of the six character classes which include Pit Fighters, Illusionists, Pangolans, Dungeon Archers, Devotresses and Assassins.

PIT FIGHTER: Pit fighters are the most powerful melee warriors. Hailing from two different regions, each specializes in different areas of combat. While the two vary in practice, both are adept in the base tactics taught by their masters. Targets that stray from the herd are dominated by the sheer power of the Pit Fighter's melee swings. They are experts in hand-to-hand combat which allows for skills in AOE melee strikes. Their instincts are to defeat enemies swiftly, while escaping danger when overwhelmed. Pits have the

ability to "Master" equipped weapons and items. This skill allows Pit Fighters to have altered weapons unique to any other weapon in the Kingdom of Providence.

Outcast - Outcast Pit Fighters are from the harsh Northern Wilderness. Far from towns, cities, or any form of civilization, Outcasts from this region are used to fighting alone, and as a result have become highly skilled in survival tactics, making them an excellent tanking class.

Berserker - Berserker Pit Fighters are from the far reaches of the molten lands known as the Searing Plains. As their name suggests, searing anger is what drives these Warriors; allowing them to channel berserker energy to decimate foes into oblivion. They excel at fighting masses of great hordes and are particularly deadly with hand-to-hand AOE attacks.

ILLUSIONIST: The Illusionist is a harbinger of torment and a master of illusion. She harvests stray souls and determines the fates of weak minds. Her rumored ties with the underworld make her one of the most feared and persecuted warriors in the realm. Her sweet façade is a deception to the cold savagery she wields with indifference.

Spellbinder - The Spellbinder Illusionist is a weaver of mental imagery and horrors specializing in skills that confuse her foes. She can plunder the minds of those foolish enough to stand in her path and has the capability to invade private thoughts in order to use the victim's own fears and weaknesses against them.

Necromancer - Tales of the Necromancer Illusionist's exploits are often told in legend alone as there are usually no survivors. She is closely tied to the dark underworld lords, calling upon their minions to do her bidding. The Necromancer specializes in skills that connect the underworld to the living.

PANGOLAN: The Pangolan ("people of the tree") come from regions where the Giant Trees grow. They act as the custodians of nature. They live as one with the forest and are often seen working as guides or trackers. It would be foolish to mistake their gentle demeanor for weakness, for they can be as fierce as they are kind. Pangolans are

well educated in ancient healing practices; making them a welcome addition to any party.

Shaman - Shaman Pangolans have been handed down the

secrets of the "Golin Pa Uru" or "Magic of the Dark Forest" for thousands of generations and can call upon nature's forces as well as its inhabitants. Shaman Pangolans specialize in utilizing elemental forces to defeat enemies and heal party members.

Tamer - Tamer Pangolans come from the largest forest known as Evervale. They are known for their extreme devotion to the forest, and their chosen lifestyle as guardians of the Tree Regions. As the protectors of Evervale, they can call upon the assistance of the creatures that live among its lush forests.

DUNGEON ARCHER: The Dungeon Archer is a Master of Ranged attacks. He is also well versed in survival skills and trap making. Although Archers come from all over the world, there are very few that can master the art of bow and arrow. The Dungeon Archer has the ability to infuse elements into the arrows he shoots, allowing for ranged damage of all


Stalker - The Dungeon Archer Stalker is a Ranger at heart and a true Master with the bow. He has the ability to shoot from great range with high accuracy. He can channel his energy into his attacks, often doubling the damage dealt from normal arrows. He can also channel his concentration into his reflexes, boosting his agility and accuracy boosts.

Warden - The Dungeon Archer Warden is often known as

a musician. He is able to influence others by playing mesmerizing notes with his bowstring. These mysterious sounds can both inspire fellow warriors or confuse and demoralize the enemy. He specializes in dealing mid-range damage and applying significant buffs to allies.

DEVOTRESS: From an ancient order of Guardians, Devotresses seek to protect civilians from harm. After the Fall of the Great Kingdoms, many ranks of Devotress broke off into different Orders, each following their own core beliefs. Many Devotresses are still hunted by those who seek to fully destroy any evidence of the old Kingdom.  Masters of sword and shield, Devotresses fight using skills in melee attacks and block defenses.

Sentinel - All Sentinel Devotresses share horrible memories from the great "Falling of Kings". They journey through life with sorrow that both focuses and fuels their need to help others. They aspire to restore the prosperity of the Old Kingdom. Sentinel Devotresses will sacrifice themselves in order to help their allies. She specializes in melee skills that will protect the party from any foe.

Avenger - The Avenger Devotresses hold onto emotion and anger, seeking vengeance against those responsible for the Great Falling of Kings. Avenger Devotresses are well-seasoned fighters that emphasize their training in agility. In order to put their restless minds to peace, Avengers have

learned to channel their anger into their skills. As a result, she has the swiftest attacks that are fueled purely by her emotions.

ASSASSINS: The Assassins are mysterious nomads known for their adventurous nature and signature weaponry. Many take the trade of bounty hunter, privateer, or mercenary. All are known for their unmatched skill with firearms and tenacity in battle.

Dead Shot - Dead Shot Assassin's skills excel in ranged combat. Using her firearms as extensions of herself she is a fearsome shooter. Dead Shot Assassins are able to shoot with amazing accuracy and evade at the same time. They are untraceable, deadly warriors.

Trapper - The Trapper Assassin employs numerous trap and ambush techniques to slay her quarry. She takes personal joy in catching an unwary enemy off guard. In addition, Trapper Assassins can add extra firepower for her allies by mounting her guns. She specializes in burst-ranged damage.

For more information on Warrior Epic visit www.warriorepic.com.


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