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Voyage Century Online

A comparison between the new version and the old one.

Many players have experienced the new version of Voyage Century since it’s release on January 16th. Today we have invited the folks at Voyage Century to talk to you about the differences between the new version and the old one.

Difference 1: New Professions VS Non Profession Directions

Compared to the old version, which doesn’t have the distinct directions of the profession development, the new version offers 5 specific professions for players to choose from, based on the most special skills of the old version. In doing so, not only is the powerful skill system maintained, but players also have a distinct direction in which to develop.

Difference 2: More mall items available in the game

In the past, we tried hard to but didn’t totally solve the contradiction between mall items and in-game items until the release of the new version. Players now have a much better chance to obtain those items which previously could only be purchased in the Item Mall. In doing so, the “Free to Play” promise is really being kept.

Difference 3: Merchant Alliance System VS Simply Guild System

The Merchant Alliance system is the highlight of the new version. Players will not only represent their guilds in fights, but also their Merchant Alliances. So wars are no longer just limited to guilds or individuals. You will be able to join in wars on a far larger scale. Fiercer, more cruel, and more involving.

Difference 4: More Instances

Many newly added instances will solve the problem of powerful guilds monopolizing the instances. Many precious and useful items can be obtained in these new instances, and most of the players will have the chance to obtain them. The differences between rich and poor, low-level and high-level will become less important.

Generally speaking, much of the original content of the game hasn’t been changed instead some new elements such as new professions, new skills, new items, new instances, and new maps have been added. In addition, the game-play environment has had many aspects improved.

The new adventure is waiting for you to explore.

For more info about the new version visit: http://vc.igg.com/news/1483/New_and_Old_Version_Comparison.html

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