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Viva Media releases Fritz Chess: The Ultimate Chess Game


November 1, 2007 - New York, NY Checkmate! Viva Media announced today that Fritz Chess: The Ultimate Chess Game will ship into North American retail this week. The game includes hours of exciting instructional video footage by the greatest names in chess including legendary chess star Garry Kasparov. Kasparov is the highest ranked player ever in the history of chess.

This 10th edition of Fritz Chess made headlines recently when it defeated Vladimir Kramnik, the current world champion, in the last Man v Machine match. "While Fritz Chess is a powerful contender, it's also a great deal of fun," said Carlo Voelker, Viva Media CEO. He goes on to say, "This newest edition of Fritz Chess has it all. Its exciting new features are for players of all abilities - from beginner to professional level. If you just want to enjoy a simple game of chess - this is it. If you want to learn about and use complex tactics and strategies - there is nothing better."

Much more than just black and white, Fritz Chess has a fabulous array of features including an unparalleled and massive database with over 1,000,000 games spanning centuries of chess history, plus an extended openings book; dynamic graphic tips for attack and defense; live display of the thinking process on the chessboard; to even more efficient position analysis. Breathtaking and improved graphics of 3D chessboards that players can zoom, tilt and rotate plus animated chess playing characters in chess playing environments enliven the game for a unique and optimum experience. For a full description of features, please visit our website at www.viva-media.com

About Viva Media

Viva Media is dedicated to publishing a wide array of interactive content of the highest standards. The company's collection of nearly 100 multimedia titles touts over 80 awards for excellence in publishing. Viva Media is well know for publishing earlier Fritz chess titles such as Fritz 9, the Learn to Play Chess series (powered by Fritz), car racing series ( GTR, GTR 2, GT Legends and RACE 07,) Crazy Machines and the Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital series.

About Chessbase GmbH

ChessBase, based in Hamburg, has been developing, creating and producing quality chess product for over 20 years. ChessBase's renowned products are available in seven languages and are used by the world's top players. Playchess.com, the world's biggest chess server is powered by ChessBase. This virtual chess club offers opportunities to meet all the great chess players online, watch the finest chess events, and play in exciting chess tournaments. For more information, visit www.chessbase.com.

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