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Virtual Universe Consortium

Synergy in the air as Alchemic Dream, Monde Media Solutions and Laboratoires Bug-Tracker join forces.

Montreal, Quebec – Alchemic Dream, experts in MMO community management, announced today that Monde Media Solutions and Laboratoires Bug-Tracker, leading providers of localization and quality assurance services, will join forces to create the first Virtual Universe Consortium.

For the past twelve years, the three service providers have lead the outsourcing business by supporting video game publishers and developers and increasing players’ immersion in virtual worlds. As a part of this synergy, the online game specialists will benefit from multicultural localization and quality management.

Jean-Robert Michel, General Manager of Monde Media Solutions, explains the partnership, “Social and MMO gamer communities from all over the world, across all regions, languages and platforms would prefer a bug-free gaming experience in their own language and well managed virtual worlds. By being an active member of this consortium, Monde Media Solutions provides access to video game localization professionals to assist product republishing.”

“We are re-inventing the B2B service model by supporting and representing multicultural e-communities for the publishers and developers,” says Aurélien Merville, President and CEO of Alchemic Dream.

“Quality Assurance is based on client and user satisfaction. In the era of virtual communities, Bug-Tracker has found the right partners to reach its objective of enhancing the game experience of world-wide players,” added Antoine Carre, President and CEO of Bug-Tracker.

Letting the development and design teams concentrate on the development cycle, the consortium share resources and knowledge to build solutions designed for the online gaming publishers and developers:

A one-stop-shop for cultural adaption, localization and translation, improved community management, increased customer retention through outstanding customer support, role-playing events and community entertainment, monetization implantation and analysis, deep game-play and focus group analysis, robust load & stress testing, functionality and compatibility testing and automation testing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet us! The E3 Expo is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 15-17, 2010. We will be at the French Pavilion located in the South Hall, #429. Come visit us!

About Alchemic Dream Inc.: ( www.alchemicdream.com), Alchemic Dream is a premier provider of services to social games, casual games, MMOG's and virtual worlds developers. Our services range from customer support to community management and social networking. . Alchemic Dream has experience on numerous Online Games such as Second Life, Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, Dungeons and Dragons Online™: Stormreach™, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Star Trek Online and Champions Online . Alchemic Dream Inc. also operates the MMO gaming newsfeed MMPOW.com

About Bug-Tracker.: ( www.bug-tracker.com) Laboratoires Bug-Tracker is one of the principal service providers of Quality Assurance and Localization testing for video games editors and developers. For the past 10 years, Laboratoires Bug-Tracker managed projects in 15 languages for more than 200 clients and partners in 26 countries. Thanks to the impeccable quality of its work, its well-tried methods of work and its innovative approach to testing, Laboratoires Bug-Tracker has contributed to the success of more than 3000 projects (consoles, PC, online games, Internet websites, etc.).

About Monde Media.: ( www.mondemedia.com) Monde Media Solutions is a company offering the whole spectrum of services related to localization to video games editors and developers. Established in 2004, Monde Media Solutions completed localization projects in more than 20 languages on more than 10 different game platforms. Monde Media Solutions aims to become a bridge between continents. Helping developers and publishers alike propagate their best games throughout the world by offering an array of top quality localization services. Monde Media Solutions also know what it takes to adapt your great product to any language and help you bring it to the world. Let Monde Media Solutions be your “One Stop Shop” for all your localization needs!


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