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Virgin PLAY produces its first videogame based on box-office hit comedy Torrente 3: The Protector for PC and PS2.

Madrid, Spain- Virgin PLAY´s publishing brand, v.2 Play produces its first videogame publishing project: Torrente 3, The Protector. In a move to become a videogame publisher as well as distributor, Virgin PLAY has paired with United Pictures and Santiago Segura to produce the videogame for the popular Torrente series.

Background about Torrente:

Torrente is the mastermind of comedian/actor/director Santiago Segura. The comedy about Detective Torrente who is clumsy, crude, has no sense of style and a knack of getting himself into situations seemingly impossible to get out of, it is amazing that he is able to solve his cases. The first Torrente movie released in 1998 became the biggest Spanish box- office hit in its history earning 12.020.300 and ticket sales to 3 million spectators in Spain. Since then, each new film has bettered the prior films' success.

For the first time, a Spanish produced movie will have its own videogame, also produced by the Spanish company Virgin PLAY. The first game that Virgin PLAY will publish; 'This is an important move for us in becoming a videogame publisher and We are pleased to have a Spanish license to base our first project on.' said Francisco Encinas, General Manager of Virgin PLAY.

Torrente 3 the videogame:

Following the same story line of the movie, Torrente is called upon to protect European Diplomat Giannina Ricci who is in Madrid to denounce certain irregularities of some of the countries businesses. Based in the streets of Madrid, the videogame has captured the look and feel of the city down to the last detail.

The game involves several different missions and levels as the player will personify Torrente, and try to become as like him as possible. This includes the aspect of 'Torrentism' in which the player will submerge him/herself into the character and gain 'Torrentism' as rude, crude, tasteless, tacky and even perverted as Torrente himself. In order to become Torrente, the player not only has to complete the overall mission of protecting the Euro-Diplomat, but also interact with the environment including going for a beer in Torrente´s favourite bar, visiting strip clubs, robbing cars and at the same time imposing the law and being a good example of a father to his son Pepito.

Spanish irony, vulgarity and humor wrapped into one. Torrente 3 El Protector the videogame will provide its fans with hours of fun and entertainment. Available in PC and PS2 formats.

Formats: PC and PS2

Genre: Action / Adventure

Language: Spanish and English

Developed by: Virtual Toys

Published by: v2.PLAY (Virgin PLAY)

PEGI: 18 +

For more information:


Virgin PLAY

Pº Castellana, 9-11

Madrid 28046 - Spain

Tel.: +34 789 35 50


About Virgin PLAY:

Virgin Interactive's office in Spain opened its doors in 1995, lead by Mariele Isidoro and Francisco Encinas. VIE Ltd. fused with Interplay Europa in February, 1999. The result was an acquisition by the group Titus in December, 1999. In 2001, Virgin Interactive Spain obtained affiliates Midway, 3DP, LSP and Midas. In May 2002 Tim Chaney and Francisco Encinas led the purchase of the Spanish company becoming Virgin PLAY. In line with the companies' strategy to expand its business to publishing games, the brand V.2 Play was created in 2007 representing products developed by Virgin PLAY. www.virginplay.es


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