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A sneaky look at the Prologue of the game.

Gamers eager to learn more about Nexon America’s Vindictus will enjoy a sneak peek into the Prologue of the game with the new screenshots. The town of Colhen has long been kept safe through the efforts of Tieve, the town’s oracle. Through her mystical ability to communicate with animals, Colhen dreams under the protection of her familiar, a giant spider. The day came when their trusted guardian seemed to go mad and started attacking the peaceful township of trusting people. The call goes out to a local group of mercenaries to help, a group that contains a young, untested recruit with a very special destiny.

Players find themselves thrust into this epic battle scenario upon launching Vindictus for the first time. The Prologue serves as an introduction to both the battle mechanics and the storyline of Vindictus. It’s an action-packed entrance into the game where players will get their first taste of brutal elegance.

To find out more about Vindictus and see what’s coming, visit: www.vindictus.com. Join other fans at www.facebook.com/vindictus.


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