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Video downloads come to Wii in Japan

Film and anime content from Disney, Warner is made available on console

Nintendo has introduced its paid video download service Theatre no Ma to the Wii in Japan, allowing users to download a range of movies, anime and other content from providers that include Walt Disney and Warner Entertainment.

The content will be downloadable on a rental basis and is payable by Wii Points. Prices and viewing periods will depend on the individual content, reports Andriasang.

Theatre no Ma has been added as a category to the existing Wii no Ma Channel, which was made available in May this year. The existing channel has so far only offered users paid, ad supported content and is also accessible on DSi for portable viewing.

In April this year, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed the strategy behind the new video service, saying it was part of a larger initiative to improve social awareness of games and respond to the diversifying tastes of its consumers.

He has also said that plans are underway to expand the service to countries outside of Japan.

"Wii-no-Ma service is available only in Japan at the start, but the overseas deployment is under planning in the future," he confirmed.

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Kath Brice