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Vida Rock

Musical management strategy game launched on MySpace.

Colorcube Games, a brazilian company dedicated to develop online games, has launched Vida Rock on MySpace.

Vida Rock is a music themed game available on MySpace, in the game players create their characters, develop their skills, form bands with their friends and play at many shows and events to acquire popularity and become Legends of Rock!

In a mix of management and strategy, the players can practice their skills, work to earn money and acquire items that increases their performance at practicing and playing, making their climbing to success less arduous. Vida Rock has an achievement system that enables players to compete with their friends.

Vida Rock is already one of the most popular and growing games on Orkut, the most popular social network in Brazil. Soon Vida Rock will be release at Facebook, and others news are coming.

Vida Rock can be accessed on MySpace here:


and on Orkut here:


Colorcube Games



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