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Vampires Until Dawn

iPhone undead action in the app store now.

Italy, 30th August 2010


Hold tightly the stake and prepare yourself to the fight. Vampires Until Dawn is a mysterious adventure on the border between evil and good, a survival shooting game located in Mexico, between cemeteries and ill-famed pubs. Will you succeed in closing Garlik’s enquiry and lightening his sorrow? Vampires Until Dawn take you through a visionary and gloomy journey during which you will have to fight the creatures of the darkness by yourself. Are you ready for the adventure? Vampires Until Dawn is waiting only for you.


Vampires Until Dawn offers a huge variety of weapons through which you can face your enemies. You can interact or fight with them through:

Gun with unlimited bullets Crossbow throwing stakes sawn-off shotgun Moreover you can use the special attacks revealed during the game, necessary during the war against the creatures of evil.

With the story mode you will be able to get through the fight against the vampires and discover the past of our hero.

Get involved into the dreadful atmosphere of the game, quick flashbacks represented in computer graphics an 2d illustrations will guide you through Garlik’s mind and reveal you the secrets of his desire of revenge.

With the free playing mode you can choose at which level you want to play. Will you resist to the horde of vampires?

Have fun with the huge variety of characters, with more than 10 enemies each of one characterized by different attacks and moves, changing depending on the level. Discover their ability and defeat them. Are you ready for the challenge?

At the end of each level you will have to face a boss before passing to the next one. Each boss is different depending on his appearance and attacks.

What else is left to say? Discover it by playing with Vampires Until Dawn, but be careful because the hunting is open…

Coming Soon Update

Enrich the game interactivity through your page on Open Feint, have fun by publishing you results and compare them with your friends’ ones.

Preview of beCrush brand new production "Uuuuuuuuuuuh..........."

youtube gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bra0ctaBg40

website: http://becrush.com/VampiresUntilDawn/

About beCrush

We are an independent video game studio named BECRUSH.

The studio borns this year, joined by people moved by passion for game development.

Press Contact/Review Codes/General Inquiries

Salvatore Di Natale

Email: dinatale@becrush.com

Website: http://becrush.com/VampiresUntilDawn/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/becrush

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