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Valkyrie Sky

MMO RPG/shooter begins two-week closed beta on October 21st.

- Global launch of Valkyrie Sky, a new type of MMORPG that mixes RPG and shooting game

Seoul, October 15th - Online PC Game Portal GameKiss.com announced the launch of its new title Valkyrie Sky’s closed beta service from October 21st for 14 days. Valkyrie Sky is a revolutionary MMORPG based on the Norse mythology combining arcade-style shooting and RPG: http://valkyriesky.gamekiss.com

Each stage is played as a vertical scrolling 3D shooting game; its game-play experience can be compared to that of the shooting game masterpiece, Shikigami No Shiro. It prevents monotonous game-play by providing different game patterns and backgrounds each time with a random map generator. Valkyrie Sky takes the full advantage of combining the strengths of online PC games and fun elements of shooting games.

Elements of MMORPG are also added to the game. The competition structures include battle for occupation and PvP while cooperation is available in forms of guilds and auction houses. The game’s fun life system which includes fishing, cooking and playing music is blended into the package, providing even more pleasure to the players.

Looking at each independent element of Valkyrie Sky, one might not find it completely new. However the game shows an ideal mix of strengths and special features of many popular genres including MMORPG and shooting games. Valkyrie Sky will present a fresh experience to the players who like socializing and growing in MMORPGs but have been tired of simple field hunting.

The closed beta service will be available from October 21st for 14 days, 24 hours. Various in-game events are arranged during the closed beta service.

More details can be found at the official website, http://valkyriesky.gamekiss.com

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