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$20 DSi range price drop for US

DSi and DSi XL both discounted, but DS Lite price unwavering

Nintendo's current generation of portable hardware is to see a $20 sliced off its RRP, in what may be the DS's twilight months in the limelight before the arrival of the new 3DS handheld.

The DSi drops to $149.99, while the DSi XL is now $169.99. The price of the older but still widely available DS Lite is unaffected, remaining at $129.99.

The DS range has sold 133 million units since the release of the original model in 2004, with 42.3 million of those in the US alone.

No official release date has been announced for the handheld's first full successor the 3DS, but Nintendo has pledged to reveal it next month.

A 2011 release seems likely, but the jury's still out on pricing.

The price cuts come into effect on September 12.

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