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Universally Speaking in Japan

Localisation and QA outfit opens Tokyo office.

Universally Speaking, the leading provider of localisation and QA services can today announce the opening of its Tokyo based office.

Universally Speaking, whose headquarters are in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK have opened the doors on a new Tokyo based operation. Universally Speaking Tokyo (UST) is based in Shinagawa district of Central Tokyo, where leading Japanese publishers are also located. The new fully secure Tokyo operation will be headed by a Tokyo born manager Toru Sasaki, who has been with the company since March 2008.

UST will mirror the range of full product localisation, QA, audio, and DTP services provided by Universally Speaking in the UK, alongside local account management, and acting as a base for sales and marketing activity in Japan. UST will take full advantages of its geography and time zone, and cover not only Japanese language, but also Korean and Chinese (both simplified and traditional), to fulfil the industry’s growing needs.

Vickie Peggs, Managing Director commented:

“We identified the growing trend of Japanese and Asian games companies wishing to make a large impact in Western Markets. Over the past two years, we have actively been developing new relationships and clearly pinpointing the objectives of Japanese publishers for Western entry. Our efforts have paid off and with a strong client base of companies on side it was vital to offer a secure facility for our Japanese clients, based in Tokyo. In fact, our Japanese clients requested it, so we made it happen.

Based in Shinagawa, we are right in the heart of Tokyo close by to our clients and able to offer a 24/7 service which includes onsite work if required. We have actively been recruiting our Tokyo team and with them, we are now in a position to offer a truly global value proposition to our clients both in Japan and Europe.”

The team at Universally Speaking, now with its Tokyo base, will continue to support game publishers and developers around the world with their trade mark excellence in delivering the very highest results, to deadline, and priced competitively.

In clear contrast to other service providers in the industry, Universally Speaking offers a true “one stop” solution for clients’ game localisation needs, includes the following core services.


With a large internal team as well as a global network of games specialised linguists, Universally Speaking covers all languages, genres of games, and gaming platforms.

Quality Assurance

From its secure premises, Universally Speaking provides the full suite of Quality Assurance services. Its highly experienced QA department is equipped with hardware for all platforms: Sony, MS, Nintendo, PC, and Mobile. We provide Functionality QA, Compliance QA (TRC, TCR and LOT), Localisation QA, Brand Management QA, Age Rating QA, Online QA and per request Focus Group Testing.

Audio Services

Universally Speaking offers a complete audio service, including audio composition to clients’ exact requirements, as well as voice over recordings across all languages.

DTP Services

Universally Speaking’s range of localisation does not only cover in-game texts and manuals.

Its DTP team, fully updated with the latest regulations in each territory, is able to re-design game manuals and packages for any territories.


ABOUT Universally Speaking

Universally Speaking is a leading provider of localisation and quality assurance services to the global games sector. Headquartered in Cambs, UK the company has recently expanded with an operation in Tokyo, Japan.

Universally Speaking, from its two locations offers full product localisations including translations into over 30 languages, localised voice over recordings, localised DTP services, full QA testing services including localisation QA, functionality QA, compliance QA, brand checking, age ratings, online and focus group testing across all major platforms.

Universally Speaking is an approved Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo developer.

For more information please visit our website: www.usspeaking.com

Universally Speaking UK Universally Speaking Tokyo

Priory Chambers 2F, 5-26-26 Higashi - Ooi

Priory Lane Shinagawa - Ku

St Neots Tokyo 140 - 0011

Cambs PE19 2BH Japan


Tel: 44 1 480 210621 Tel: 81 3 6712 1177

E: info@usspeaking.com E: japandesk@usspeaking.com


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