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Crypts and dungeons to explore on our iPhones.


AUSTIN, TX – April 21, 2009 – Pixel Mine today announced and released Underworlds, a fantasy adventure game for the iPhone, at the introductory price of $4.99. Explore the mysterious crypts and dungeons of Albrect on one of four difficulty settings, collecting treasures and unlocking new abilities as you progress, in a visually stunning fast-paced experience designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Underworlds features thousands of unique items as well as customizable character stats – no two adventures will be the same. Unlock powerful combat feats like Slash, Shield Bash, and Berserk or focus on feats which advance the healing arts - Health and Vitality Boosts. Upgrade existing Feats or add new ones at each level. The combat feats feature graphically stunning on-screen special effects to make battles even more exhilarating.

Along the way you can upgrade equipment to bolster attack, dexterity and other abilities or sell it for gold and potions. Build strength to play as a real bruiser, become nimble and accurate by focusing on dexterity, increase intelligence to train feats, or work on constitution to better withstand the onslaught of the undead.

Bill Money, Chief Creative Officer of Pixel Mine, says “We believe that Underworlds is the best game available right now for the iPhone.” He adds “It’s addicting and gorgeous with easy to use controls. If you’re a fan of dungeon crawl games – or new to gaming – you’ll want to check it out.”

Underworlds features a variety of options to make it easy to play at home or on the go. It also gives you the option to save your progress at any time in one of 3 save files or to restart with your current experience and items.

Underworlds is the first iPhone title from Pixel Mine, and can be purchased from the Apple iTunes store. Visit the Underworlds website for more information.

About Underworlds

Underworlds is the premier fantasy adventure game for the iPhone! A mere guard, your quest is to help discover, and stop, the mysterious attacks on Albrect. With customizable abilities, thousands of unique items, and four difficulty settings, no two adventures will be the same! http://underworlds.pixelminegames.com.

About Pixel Mine, Inc.

Headquartered in the gaming hotbed of Austin, Texas, Pixel Mine, Inc is a developer and publisher of high quality independent entertainment products. More information about Pixel Mine can be found online at www.pixelminegames.com.



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