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Ultimate Soccer Boss

Free-to-play, browser-based management game on the way from MMOABC, Digenetics and Webplus.

El Monte, CA, January 21, 2009 -- MMOABC, a property of New Gen Media, Inc. and a leading international massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games portal, social networking, and publishing website has partnered with Digenetics, Inc. and Webplus, Inc. to create Ultimate Soccer Boss ( http://www.ultimatesoccerboss.com).

"USB" becomes the first ever free-to-play soccer manager browser game powered by Digenetics' advanced proprietary evolutionary computation technology. Soccer managers will now have the ability to lead and manage unique evolving players and clubs with no two players or clubs being alike. Soccer players will evolve over time based on affected variables such as numbers of plays, training matches, and overall management of the club. In addition, Ultimate Soccer Boss will feature "Ask Advisor" that will provide soccer managers expert advice on match strategies based on calculations performed by complex evolutionary computation mathematical algorithms.

"MMOABC is very excited to partner with Digenetics and Webplus to create Ultimate Soccer Boss, the first ever online soccer manager browser game with evolutionary computation technology. Soccer managers will now finally experience what it truly feels like to manage their own unique clubs and compete against other soccer managers," said MMOABC co-founder and CEO Andy Tong. "Ultimate Soccer Boss is as real as it gets when it comes to managing a club since you'll experience random scenarios and outcomes based on how well you perform as soccer manager. This is a great breakthrough for soccer manager games and an incredible innovation for the video games industry itself."

James Lin, CEO of Digenetics, Inc., said, "We are thrilled to be working with MMOABC and Webplus to bring this new, one-of-a-kind game to soccer fans around the world. Featuring players with evolving intelligence, capable of adaptive learning, Ultimate Soccer Boss will redefine the sports manager genre."

Brian Keller-Heikkila, CTO of Webplus, Inc., said, "Webplus is excited to work with MMOABC and Digenetics to develop a new kind of soccer manager game. There is nothing like a personal Game Advisor, using evolution computation technology, which helps team managers improve their team anywhere else in the video game industry. Ultimate Soccer Boss will raise the bar for sports management games to a whole new level."


Launched on May 1, 2007, MMOABC (a property of New Gen Media, Inc.) is a leading international MMO games portal, social networking, and publishing website. MMOABC empowers gamers with an interactive environment that lets them play games, capture and share their gaming experiences, build extensive communities, and stay current on industry news in the rapidly growing billion dollar massively multiplayer online games market.

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About Digenetics

Digenetics, Inc. is a San Diego, CA-based technology company that has created a patented process for digital characters that actually gives these characters the ability to evolve traits and intelligence. Based on advanced proprietary evolutionary computation techniques, Digenetics enables digital characters to adapt and learn from their experiences and then make changes within their environment without further programming. In collaboration with leading game publisher and developer partners, Digenetics is poised to revolutionize the digital interactive entertainment industry. Fun and innovative digital entertainment products featuring adaptive evolutionary learning are

planned for release in 2009 -- Gameplay will never be the same.

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About Webplus

Established in 1994, Webplus, Inc. is a leading provider of web based business solutions. Webplus develops, markets, and supports the talentsoft line of development tools, middleware, and ecommerce solutions. Webplus' flagship products include Webplus, a robust web application server and development language, Webplus Shop, an ecommerce solution for small businesses, and Shipping Sidekick, a shipping rate and transit time comparison software. Using its multinational development and hosting teams, Webplus also develops and hosts web-based and client-server games. Millions of copies of Webplus' software have been distributed to over 100 countries via online and traditional channels.

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