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505 Gamestreet announces the UK release of Koloomn, the block-busting,

8th February 2006

The critically acclaimed portable puzzle game Koloomn is an essential addition to any PSP owner's pocket. Taking its inspiration from granddaddy of the genre Tetris - only turning the concept literally on its head - Koloomn is a puzzle game where you use a cursor to spin groups of different coloured blocks against each other in an ever-advancing well of bricks. Rotate chunks of four different coloured blocks together until you match four or more of the same colour. Watch them pop for instant points or swiftly spin yet more blocks to match their colours in order to start a chain reaction. How many chains can you make? How many blocks can you pop?

The block-rotating gameplay mechanic makes for a far more complex and challenging puzzle experience and players can even force more blocks up into the well in a risky bid to have access to yet more bricks. Careful though - when the blocks hit the top of the play area it's all over.

Koloomn is a case study in defining the term "easy to learn, hard to master". Novice players can take the game at their own pace by learning how to effectively combine blocks and set up chains in Tutorial and Practice modes, while hardcore puzzle fanatics can increase the difficulty level and speed of play, as well as face off against CPU-controlled masters in VS CPU mode, or take on a never-ending onslaught in Endless mode, or by stepping up to the varied challenges and puzzles in Arcade mode. Wireless multiplayer is also supported for two players.

Playing Koloomn in VS matches transforms the action further as special attack blocks come into play. In multiplayer matches, each different coloured block cleared unleashes a special attack against your foe. Red blocks make your opponent's cursor bigger and therefore more awkward. Orange blocks make the colours of the blocks targeted in your cursor unrecognisable in your rival's well. Blues make giant blocks drop into your opponent's play area, yellows hide entire rows of blocks from your rival, and purples make chunks of blocks in your foe's well clump together. Throw in special magic blocks and eight CPU-controlled characters each with their own devastating special combo attack, and it all adds up to one of the most frantic multiplayer puzzle experiences available today.

Koloomn is a brand new puzzle game IP by Japanese developer Cyber Front. It has been critically acclaimed in the US, where it was released at the end of 2005 as Ultimate Block Party. Koloomn is available to buy on PSP on 24th February, priced £29.99.


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