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UKIE pushes online safety message

There is much the industry can do, says director general Michael Rawlinson

UKIE director general Michael Rawlinson has underlined the videogames industry's commitment to online safety for users, stating that there is much that can be done with creative messages and working with government and other organisations.

Speaking at the Westminster Forum yesterday he stated that games companies were already working under a principle of self-imposed responsibility, and called on other creative industries to act in similar ways, sparing government involvement.

"The videogames industry is committed to taking responsibility for educating and protecting consumers," said Rawlinson. "By being creative in how we get our messages to young people we have a much better chance of being listened to.

"There is much that we can do individually and collectively and we look forward to working with government, UKCCIS, third sector organisations and other relevant partners to come up with more creative ways of getting our vital safety messages to the young people who need to hear them."

He specifically mentioned the implementation of the PEGI ratings system, which will come into force next year as part of the Digital Economy Act, and it is expected that the industry will contribute to a significant parental education campaign to make people aware of the importance of respecting guidelines around age-gated content.

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