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UK retailer Computer Exchange faces closure

One of the UK's longest-established independent retail chains, Computer Exchange, has dismissed as "nonsense" reports in the British trade press today alleging that it is set to shut its doors in the near future.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz this afternoon, a company spokesman explained that the reports seemed to stem from a misunderstanding regarding the relocation of its London office to Watford three weeks ago.

The firm, which operates 20 stores around the UK including two flagship locations around London's Tottenham Court Road, does currently have a sale in progress - which it describes as standard practice as it moves into the summer months.

Another factor in the mis-reporting of the retailer's status was its website, which currently displays a notice informing customers that due to changes to the site, games cannot be bought or sold over it at present.

According to the company's spokesman, however, this is due to the planned introduction of a new website which will allow customers to directly check stock of products at their local CEX store for the first time.

The firm is one of Britain's longest-established independent retail chains, with a history in the market stretching back around 13 years. As well as the game trading aspect of the business, it's also noted in the specialist market as one of the leading retailers of imported games, hardware and merchandise.

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