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UK games industry

Tiga wants Department for Culture, Media and Sport to produce figures on government assistance.

Immediate release

April 1st 2009

Tiga today called on the Government to record and analyse the impact of its expenditure on the UK video games industry. Tiga made the call following the revelation that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) does not have specific figures for the financial assistance provided to the video games industry, or any other sectors, for any of the years since 1997.

Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga, said:

“Governments, organisations and individuals all need good quality information in order to make rational decisions. If good quality information is not available then policy errors are much more likely. It is disappointing therefore that DCMS does not have any specific figures for the financial assistance provided to the UK video games industry, and in indeed any of the other sectors for which it is responsible, for any of the years since 1997.

“The Government desperately needs good quality data and information if it is to implement policies that will benefit businesses in general and the video games industry in particular. DCMS and other relevant government departments should start recording and analysing the effectiveness of all the money that is allocated towards assisting the UK video games industry from the beginning of the next financial year. Taxpayers and the games industry need to know that money is being spent in the most effective way.

“The current full-time equivalent number of officials working on policy to assist the video games industry in the DCMS is just 1.5, compared to 3.7 supporting the film industry. If the Department increased the number of officials supporting the games industry it would perhaps be better placed to collect, record and analyse data relevant to the UK video games industry.”


Notes to editors

1. Tiga is the national trade association that represents games developers in the UK and in Europe. We have 150 members, the majority of whom are either independent games developers or in-house publisher owned developers. We also have outsourcing companies, technology businesses and university departments that are members.

2. Tiga’s vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. We focus on three sets of activities: political representation, generating media coverage and developing services that enhance the competitiveness of our members. This means that Tiga members are effectively represented in the corridors of power, their voice is heard in the media and they receive benefits that make a material difference to their businesses, including a reduction in costs and improved commercial opportunities.

3. The information relating to the DCMS’s failure to record and analyse the Government’s financial support for the UK video games industry, together with the information concerning the number of full time equivalent officials supporting the industry, were revealed in written answers from the Government to the Conservative MP Philip Davies. The information was published yesterday.

4. For further information about Tiga, please contact: Dr Richard Wilson, Tiga CEO on:

Email: richard.wilson@tiga.org

Web: www.tiga.org

Mobile: 07875 939643

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