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UK developers sign up to mentor Dare to be Digital teams

Black Rock, Ninja Theory, Realtime Worlds, Rockstar, SCEE and more form 'developer accord'

High profile UK developers have pledged to support and mentor student teams in the Dare to be Digital competition.

Black Rock Studio, Blitz Games Studios, Cohort Studios, Denki, Ninja Theory, Rare, Realtime Worlds, Rockstar North, Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, as well as BBC Scotland, have all joined the 'Developer Accord'.

"The combination of experience and expertise brought by the members of our Developer Accord is second to none," commented Paul Durrant, director of business development at Abertay University.

"We have attracted support from the cream of development studios throughout the UK. The students taking part in this year’s competition will benefit from the experience of the best in the business.

"Dare to be Digital has become a unique and unifying project for the development community," continued Durrant.

"All of the members of the Developer Accord are participating on an equal basis because they recognise the value of the project to the future of the games sector."

The Developer Accord will select the competing teams from tryout events in London, Liverpool and Glasgow. Those selected will have ten weeks to develop a game which will be judged at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival.