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Ufo Pilot: Astro-Creeps

Asteroids-style PC blaster available now.

Pilot's Log: Heading home after battling the Phadt Menace. Seems this part of space is particularly empty. Except for those strange looking asteroids... what is that...

www.spellofplay.com/games/astrocreeps [

http://www.spellofplay.com/games/astrocreeps ]

Kalmar, Sweden -- April 1, 2009 -- Spell of Play Studios and nornware announce the public release of the PC game Ufo Pilot: Astro-Creeps

In Astro-Creeps you face massive amounts of asteroids as well as the elusive creeps. At your disposal you have an array of weapons ranging from obliterating lasers to bouncing bullets and bombs. Further aiding you there are gravity altering devices to pick up and combine to wreak havoc and destruction on the levels.

Building on the classic game asteroids Astro-Creeps is easy to learn but hard to master. It is a competitive game where skill and practice makes perfect - and your way into the online highscores.

A time limited, free, demo is available for download as well as the full version at the introductory price of $4.97. Review copies are available on request.

Game Features

Combine gravity altering power ups to get new powers Lasers, bouncing bullets and smart bombs Massive amounts of creeps and asteroids Bonus score for aggressive and daring play Online highscores

About Spell of Play Studios

Spell of Play Studios is an independent game developer, publisher and producer based in Kalmar, Sweden.

About nornware

nornware is Johannes 'johno' Norneby's brand of independent games.


Ufo Pilot:Astro-Creeps web page with demo download, screen shots and video:

www.spellofplay.com/games/astrocreeps [

http://www.spellofplay.com/games/astrocreeps ]

Spell of Play Studios web site:

www.spellofplay.com [ http://www.spellofplay.com ]

Johannes Norneby web page

www.johno.se [ http://www.johno.se ]

Review copies and press materials are available on request.

Contact Information:

Tobias Olsson

www.spellofplay.com/contact/media-services [ http://www.spellofplay.com/contact/media-services ] [ tobias@spellofplay.com ] [ press@spellofplay.com ]


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