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Ubisoft titles coming to Mac

Ubisoft partners with TransGaming to release games on the Mac and signs FF IV distribution deal with Square-Enix

Ubisoft and TransGaming have announced a partnership which will see the release of several Ubisoft titles on the Mac via the Cider Portability Engine.

Catz, Dogz, and CSI: Hard Evidence will be the first titles released under the partnership.

"To expand our business position and serve the growing Mac gaming community, additional key titles will follow later this year, including several day-and-date releases this Fall," said Jay Cohen, senior vice president of publishing at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft also announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Square-Enix for the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

The agreement will see Ubisoft distributing the title - currently scheduled for a summer release - in Australia, New Zealand, Benelux, France and Iceland.

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