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Two Worlds: A Tale Of Two Cities

Take A Trip to Two of The Biggest Cities in Antaloor, The Royal City of Cathalon and the Port City of Ashos!

Take a journey to a far away place as we explore two of the major cities in Two Worlds. The land is Antaloor, the place is Cathalon, the royal capital. Home to the king's throne - Cathalon is modeled after the traditional open architectural style with a bustling open air market, training center and grandiose fountains placed at each intersection. A home truly fit for a king, Cathalon is regularly patrolled by diligent guards as the populace carry on their everyday lives.

Switching gears for a moment, we look to the mighty port city of Ashos. >From the moment you enter their signature rolling front gate the Asian influence and stylized architecture is apparent. The twisting streets and hidden gardens bring you to another place and time as you wind your way down each corridor. Citizens walk by dressed in traditional kimono's while Samurai patrol the streets. Truly a town where East meets West, Ashos has some mystical secrets hidden deep within its walls.

However, in spite of the truly vibrant life that pulses through these great cities, there is a dreadful shadow that covers their lands. Formerly the center of the known universe, these cities now lie in grave danger as nothing more than the river Gon separates them from advancing Orc hordes. Even now as you stand at the river's edge, you can see the Orc war machine as it grinds closer with heavy siege towers and weapons. War has laid its merciless and bloody grip on the region and with it have come a flurry of quests and missions. It will serve you well to learn the intricacies of these cities, you never know when it may save your life!

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