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Triplane Turmoil II

World War I aerial combat sequel to a 1996 shareware title.

Draconus Entertainment has completed work on their WW-I inspired action-game, Triplane Turmoil II, featuring a bombardment of options and a battalion of features! Its predecessor was released as a Shareware game in 1996 and Triplane Turmoil II is the highly anticipated commercial version of the popular brand, now featuring a unique blend of 2D and 3D technology, and online multi-player mode!

In Triplane Turmoil II it is your job as a pilot to defeat five other nations in a quest for world dominance. According to your mission briefings it is your duty to enroll by representing your nation of choice: Germany, Finland, Japan, Russia, Great Britain or United States. Each nation features a six mission single-player campaign, while the online multi-player mode introduces thirty challenging maps! Forget about taking shelter or running to the hills. Put on your uniform, take to the skies and prepare for battle. Triplane Turmoil II is not for cadets. It features more action, more airborne dog-fights, and more bombing of enemy installations than its original incarnation.

Triplane Turmoil II Features:

• Single-Player Campaigns

• Online Multi-Player Warfare

• Local Multi-Player Split-Screen feature

• Humorous And Colorful Mission Briefings

• Online International High-Score Table

For information about independent developer, Draconus Entertainment, please visit www.draconus.com. Additional mission briefings can be found at www.draconus.com/games/triplane2/. Members of the press are encouraged to request a version for personal review by shooting an email to press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com. Publishers & Distributors interested in re-selling Triplane Turmoil II contact bizdev@indiedeveloperconsulting.com.

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