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Tretton: DLC is nice, but games get consumers

Sony president takes a swing at Microsoft and reiterates long-term commitment to PlayStation 3

President and CEO of Sony US, Jack Tretton, has taken a shot at Microsoft's relentless banging of the drum over exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV.

During the company's E3 conference Tretton said that it is exclusive games that attracts consumers - whilst also championing the success Blu-ray movies had over the now defunct HD-DVD format, also supported by Microsoft.

"While exclusive DLC is nice, exclusive games is what makes up consumers' minds," stated Tretton.

"Games like MGS4 aren't just exclusive to PS3, they're only possible on PS3," he added.

Once again trumpeting the Blu-ray format as crucial to Sony's gaming vision, Tretton promised to deliver a "waterfall of games" to PlayStation 3 users.

"PS3 drove the Blu-ray format to victory and now the Blu-ray format is poised to return the favour," he said.

Tretton stressed that both the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were well past their first couple of years on the market before titles such as Crash and Tekken, and later GTA III and God of War, became synonymous with the brand.

Sony titles on show at E3 include Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet.


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