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Touch Of Fun

Collection of iPad games for two to four players.

Paris, July 29th 2010

8 games to gather your family and friends around the iPad

Whether it’s to keep the kids entertained in the car or when sharing a moment with friends over drinks, Touch of Fun is a game that appeals to all. Bring 2 to 4 players around and discover on the iPad a myriad of unique and innovative games.

Touch of Fun is not just a bunch of original games that are easy to play, it is primarily a human experience: knowing the rules on the fingertips is not enough to win. Be the fastest, most agile, and most importantly, the smartest! Hide the area of your opponents with your hands or take possession of the iPad: all shots are allowed to impede the progress of others!

But Touch Of Fun gives you more than that; it gives you the ability to set your own rules of the game: who is the best with their left hand? Who can score the most points playing with their eyes closed? The variations are endless, so dive in and challenge yourself!

Find Touch of Fun without further delay on the App Store and invite your family and friends to join you in some wild action.

Discover the game on www.playsoft.fr/index.php/eng/Mobile-Games/Last-releases/Touch-Of-Fun

A new stage for Playsoft

Playsoft now designs and distributes its own titles.

As explained by Nicolas Bensignor, co-founder and president of Playsoft, "we create our own games with a goal to take maximum advantage of the innovative features of new gaming platforms (iPhone4G, iPad, Facebook ...). We can thus create novel game experiences! This allows us to develop our unique expertise and the best possible expertise on platforms of the future.

We make this expertise available to the largest worldwide publishers (EA, Konami, Namco, etc...) to develop the best possible games for their licenses. "

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About Playsoft

Founded in 2005, Playsoft emerged as the French creator of mobile applications and games with more than 200 achievements to date on the iPhone, iPad, and smartphones. Its presence throughout the world and the development of "the Agency", a body dedicated to mobile marketing, makes it a player in the market.

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