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Touch & Go

Physics-based, block-matching iPhone puzzler.

March, 2009

Cheshire, UK, March 20, 2009 – The Game Creators have released Touch & Go, the new game application that uses iPhone’s touch facility to the max!

Touch & Go takes a familiar game format and adds a new level of interactivity, in which the gameplay is entirely based on the touch and motion features of the iPhone. Block-based games have never been this immersive!

The concept is a familiar one and very easy to pick up; match 3 blocks of the same colour to score points and remove them from the playing area. However in Touch & Go you take control, dragging the blocks into position and clearing the levels in an explosive fashion. Based on real-world physics, players will find it easy and great fun to throw the blocks around and amass mayhem in a bid to better previous achievements. Building on the great features of the iPhone, it's even possible to tilt the game and shake up the chances of making it to the next level.

Of course any game of this genre needs power-ups and rewards for skillful play; Touch & Go is no exception. Players will find themselves drawn to the multi-block special power-ups that introduce quick, explosive and visually stunning ways to clear the levels. Rewards for maintaining the pace will ensure there is no time to step back from the action, for those looking to perfect their skills and impress their friends and family. It stands to reason that this is an application to be shared, competing for the top spot on the leader board. “Having been part of the casual games industry long before the term was coined, we strive to include elements that keep games simple yet addictive” says Rick Vanner, Financial Director of The Game Creators.

Touch & Go is available to purchase now in the Apple App Store. For more information on this and other products from The Game Creators, call +44 (0)1625 574407 or email rick@thegamecreators.com.

About The Game Creators

The Game Creators, a UK company, are developers and publishers of affordable, cutting-edge game development tools. Established in 1999, their brands include DarkBASIC, The 3D Gamemaker, FPS Creator, Dark Basic Professional and DarkGDK. Learn more about games creation and join a thriving game making community at www.thegamecreators.com.


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Rick Vanner

The Game Creators Ltd

(+44) 1625 574407


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