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Tocco Robo

Robot-matching puzzler arrives on the App Store next month.

For Immediate Release: Dundee – 20 May 2009: The gentleman coders at Scotland’s newest iPhone and iPod developer Electric TopHat announce today that the first in a series of expansive updates for their colourful and horribly addictive puzzle title Tocco Robo will hit App Store in June.

Tocco Robo is Electric TopHat’s take on the block puzzle format, where players must line up rows of three matching robots to earn time and points. The premise is simple and accessible, but intense combo chains and five increasingly devious skill settings will put even the most seasoned puzzle fan to the test. With a slick art style and incredibly catchy tunes provided by the talented Robo Choir, this is a puzzle game with real character and charm.

Tocco Robo - Classic Version 1.1 will Feature:

• New Icon with a new Robo Trapped inside.

• Improved the game performance significantly.

• Improved the touch detection to make moving the Robos easier.

• Improved the Robo tutorial

• Added in a double collect multiplier for more points.

• Added auto detection of the iPod music and auto disable the game music.

Bert McDowell of Electric TopHat said: “We really have a soft spot for Tocco Robo at Electric TopHat as it’s a charming game that players of all ages and skill can quite easily get into. As with all of our addictive puzzle games, it’s hard to stop playing once you get started and this is ideal for the iPhone format, particularly for playing while travelling.”

Tocco Robo is available on App Store now (Priced £0.59/ $0.89/€0.69)


For press information, assets or promotional download codes for Tocco Robo, please contact:

Dave Cook

Managing Director, Ink Media

t: +44 (0)131 557 2183

m: +44 (0)7525358281

e: fastrez@gmail.com

w: www.inkpr.wordpress.com

Robert McDowell

Managing Director, Electric Top Hat

m: +44 (0)7763114741

e: bert@electrictophat.com

w: www.electrictophat.com

About Electric TopHat

Started by two experienced video game developers, Electric Top Hat is the newest addition to the games industry in Scotland. With a background in large scale games development, and experience of working on award winning products, they have decided to turn their eye, and skills, to the iPhone market, focusing on fun, casual, mobile games to entertain and enthral all ages.

Robert (Bert) McDowell is an seasoned Irish game developer currently based in Scotland, with over eight years of game development experience and multiple published titles (including the award-winning Crackdown for the Xbox 360). He is now an independent game developer trying to make a living outside the standard publisher / developer relationship, currently focusing on small scale game development for Apple's iPhone platform.

Dave Lees has worked in the video games industry since 1989 spanning platforms such as Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, mobile phones and Microsoft's Xbox 360. He was a founder of Visual Sciences as well as the Technical Manager for DMA. Dave has worked on Hired Guns, Lemmings for Windows, Lemmings Paint Ball, GTA, Crackdown and Medal of Honour amongst others.


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