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Titan Online

You'll need a giant weapon to tackle evil spirits, according to this background info.

1. Background Story

Evil spirits from another dimension began to appear in China. No one knows why or how they came to China, but everyone was certain that their intentions were not good. As wanting to spread the word of their existence, they appeared suddenly and began stirring up chaos in China, engaging in destruction.

Filled with fear, the Chinese battled the evil spirits that were devastating the land. That’s when a girl suddenly appeared. Her name was D'arc. It may have been through fate, or pure coincidence, but you end up meeting her and learning the secrets of the evil spirits.

The evil spirits that appeared in China did not originate from China, but came from the other world. They work for the Devil, who is considered the most vicious creature in the other world. As the Devil’s powers grew, the sphere warped, creating a gap. It is this gap that happened to be connected with China. The evil spirits discovered the gap, and came to China to expand their powers.

D'arc advises you that you must possess great power to combat the monsters. You must obtain the giant weapon ‘Titan’ in order to fight the evil spirits of the other world.

2. Game Characteristics

2-1. Diverse and Original Skills

There are a wide range of skills with attractive effects: external skills that utilize each of the various weapons, internal skills based on the Five Elements, and supplementary skills whose origins are unknown.

You will enjoy using these gorgeous and dynamic skills that cannot be found in other fantasy worlds.

2-2. "Battle Formation" System, the Essence of Cooperative Skills

Players no longer use their skills alone, but make use of the "battle formation" system, which enables them to cooperate with other parties. The "battle formation” system is a cooperative skill that uses the concept of "battle" that often appears in wuxia games. In this system, once parties form a battle array, the system is put in motion and specific battle techniques are executed.

There is a wide array of configurations, including offensive configuration.

2-3. "Titan System" Based on Titan

Titan, a gigantic steel weapon, is used by the knights of the other world. By crossing the space-time that was destroyed through the Devil's conspiracy, the power the Titan will be enhanced. You must collect the pieces of Titan that are scattered through different parts of the world using the karma and coincidence hidden behind the world of wuxia. The vicious evil spirits from the other world cannot be battled, even by fighters. Now, you and Titan will dash through the endless fields of China, so that you can be reborn as a new hero.

2-4. Battle against Others via the "PvP System"

Players can measure each other's skills through player-versus-player and party-versus-party systems. Player-versus-player refers to players fighting against other players. Party-versus-party refers to parties fighting against other parties. As long as there is an opponent to fight against, players can freely engage in battle in any area of a certain size.

2-5. Meet Friends for the Conquest via the "Party/Guild/Alliance System"

Players who share the same interests and goals can come together to create a group. You start by creating a party, and after the party has developed to a certain point, it becomes a guild. Several guilds can create alliances to pursue shared goals. In addition, by utilizing the party/guild/alliance system, you can experience different types of battles, including guild war (field war between guilds) and castle sieges.

2-6. Develop and as a Fighter via the "Job Change System"

Based on the Hwagyeong/Geukkma (1st completion of training) and Hyeongyeong/Talma (2nd completion of training) levels that appear in wuxia novels, a job change system has been created. Once you reach a certain level, you can advance your character to the next level by executing a job change, and enjoy your character's increased power.

2-7. Traveling Between Dimensions

The Empire of Darkness has been buried in evil after surrendering to the Devil who has been reborn. A human alliance has been formed to fight the King of Evil. Now, the other world has begun to stain the land in blood under the name of the 2nd Evil War. You have been handed the fate of a hero. In a devastated world that has become estranged from the blessings of the gods, you must take on the mission of overcoming the curse, joining hands with all of the other clans, and recovering the laws of cause and effect and space-time.

2-8. Special Skill System

When I set off on a journey in the midst Mother Nature, it gives me the chance to notice many new things, like rare plants, precious animals, and beautiful crystals. At this point, I want to put down my weapons and challenge myself to develop a special skill, by using my own hands to collect the materials I need.

2-9. Guild SOS

I can feel the bloodthirstiness of someone who has an eye on me. An enormous fear takes over me, as if the world was coming to an end. But I am no longer scared, for I know that my guild comrades, who will be accompanying me from here on in, will protect me from unknown enemies.

2-10. Instant Dungeon

A powerful, fearful place that is controlled by the power of darkness. Monsters from higher dimensions that cannot be found in the field exist here. If you let your guard down even for a moment, you are taking a chance with your life. Many powerful monsters that have never been seen before are nearby, but once you defeat them, you will be given even greater power.

3. About this game

D'arc traveled from China to the fantasy world, and after destroying the Devil, she found a way to return. However, a creature was hiding in the gap between the dimensions, hovering over D'arc. After watching D'arc for some time, who is in the center of all dimensions leading the flow of history, he attacked D'arc while she was traveling between dimensions, and destroyed her fate. Once the fate of D'arc, the leader of the flow of history, was destroyed, all of the laws of the world became entangled. This led to the human dimension being isolated from all intervention by the upper dimension. In other words, all of the beings of the evil world, including the spirits and the gods, became entangled under the law of cause and effect, making it impossible for them to enter through the gap of the intricately entangled human world. And so, the Devil decided to hold his breath and wait in the gap, dreaming of his rebirth. He chose the power of human fear as his way of achieving rebirth. He chose the Great Empire of the North as the place from which he would spread darkness into the world. The Devil stole the body of the premier, who had been the actual leader of the empire instead of the emperor. Through this trickery, the Devil becomes the new emperor, and successfully transforms the world into an empire of darkness.

And so, the Devil comes to rule the evil spirits and black sorcerers in the empire of darkness, gathers his powers, and builds an Army of Darkness. Now he can reveal his fangs. To the humans, who are not protected by the spirits and the gods, the Army of Darkness is an enormous calamity.

The only choice left for them was to use the 'Titan' to carry out hand-to-hand combat, because they lacked the power to stop the monsters, black sorcerers, and black titans descending upon them with great force. But it was the dragons that came to the aid of the humans. Their aim was to restore the collapsed law of cause and effect and the Weight of Balance.

Through a new alliance between the humans and the dragons, the world finds its order. In the southern part of the continent, the humans and dragons begin carrying out a systematic battle against the forces of darkness.

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