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Titan Ball

Futuristic iPhone sport for one or two players.

The premise of Titan Ball is simple: Two opponents compete against each other in a battle of skills, wits and stamina! The objective of Titan Ball is to rotate and aim a turret on your side of the playing field shooting you ball, the opponent’s ball, or a bonus ball into the goal for a score!


Single-Player mode offers the perfect practice mode for beginners; in this mode you battle against an enemy AI opponent in either easy, medium or hard mode. Titan Ball truly shines in its Two-Player (local) mode: Challenge yourself against a human opponent trying to score as many points as possible before the clock runs down. The clock itself can be configured for the desired duration of play. Controlling your turret is easy and intuitive: drag your finger left or right respectively, and the turret will follow your movements, rotating around the area while firing off bullets. Each opponent’s ball is color-coded representing each player. You get 5 points for scoring a goal with your own ball - and if you successfully manage to push the opponent’s ball into their own goal, the opponents score will decrease by 5 points! Scoring with the bonus ball is worth 1 point. Titan Ball is futuristic action sports at its best! The game includes no less than 6 different turrets, each with 3 different weapons (laser, shotgun, and machine gun).


Titan Ball is available from the App Store here:



Journalists interested in a promo code for Titan Ball are encouraged to shoot and score an email to press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com. Additional information is available from the Titan Ball website located at: www.titanball.webs.com


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