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Tiga calls on the UK government to "play its part too"

Group says recent tax credits in the US could lose the UK business if it doesn't follow suit

Tiga has called for the UK's government to act in the interests of the local games industry, following recent tax credits in the US state of Wisconsin.

Richard Wilson, Tiga's CEO, has asked the government to "play its part" and support the games industry following Wisconsin's plan to grant 25 per cent tax credits for film, TV, and qualifying game studios.

"Just as developers compete to win contracts and create the best games so governments compete to attract businesses to their jurisdictions," Wilson said.

"Wisconsin's introduction of 25 per cent tax credits for film, TV and qualifying games studios demonstrates yet again the intensity of competition between governments to attract games and other media businesses to their territories... The UK games development industry continues to be a leader of the pack, but we cannot afford to rest on our laurels."

"The Government must play its part too... it must establish a more favourable tax environment, increase the supply of skilled graduates without sacrificing quality and keep the regulatory costs on business relatively low. Otherwise, investment and expansion in the games industry will flow to those countries whose governments provide a more favourable climate for games businesses," Wilson added.

Similar tax credits to those in Wisconsin were passed last May in Georgia, another US state.

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