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iPhone version of cross-platform mobile MMORPG now available.

CipSoft, the independent German developer and publisher of online games announces the release and immediate availability of TibiaME app, their cross-platform MMORPG where a user can choose his/her profession as warrior or wizard and explore the mysterious land of Tibia together with 50,000 other players worldwide.   

Regensburg, Germany– CipSoft today introduces TibiaME app, their massively multiplayer online role playing gamefor iPhone and iPod Touch. This cross-platform game unites users of different mobile devices and allows interactingwith other players on a social, diplomatic or even martial level.

TibiaME is based on the successful online role-playing game Tibia which attracts thousands of players every day. Published as early as 2003, in a time when games like “Tetris” or “Snake” had been quite popular on cell phones, TibiaME brought a whole new gaming experience to the mobile world.

Acting as warriors or wizards, users will come up against the challenge of developing the skills of their selected characters, exploring the mysterious land of Tibia and revealing its secrets. In this virtual world users can create their own guilds and invite other players to join it, promote them to vice leaders or demote them as well as throw selected players out of the guild or disband the guild altogether.

Player versus Player-system and a wide variety of armour and weapons such as various helmets, shields, legs, amulets, rings and more users have the the opportunity to measure their character's strength in fights against other players. The conditions for the fights differ depending on the location they choose.

While playing TibiaME users can accomplish extra goals or achievements and in this way compare themselves with other players without having to fight them which is a great way to show others how successful user have played the game so far.


Play online – anywhere and anytime. 2 different character classes (warrior / wizard) with their own individual skills and powers 12 huge islands with different themes like ice, desert or jungle Many cities with shops, depots, trade and guild halls 150+ fierce monsters like cyclops, orcs, trolls, dragons or vampires 200+ challenging and funny quests 12 episodic and 2 major content updates per year featuring new areas, quests and monsters  “Although TibiaME is online since 2003, the adaptation for the iPhone almost meant a complete restart from the scratch. We did not only create a new client but redraw every tree, every sword and every monster in game to support the high resolution display and of course touch based player controls. Our new iPhone players can now enjoy great new graphics but still play together with our already existing and huge community." - said Ulrich Schlott, CipSoft Managing Director.

TibiaME can be downloaded for free from the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/id/app/tibiame-mmo/id386956069?mt=8

About TibiaME

TibiaME is the first MMORPG for mobile phones worldwide. In the colourful real-time fantasy world of TibiaME, hundreds of players can set forth together in search of adventure. Playing as warriors or wizards, they are faced with the challenge of developing their skills, exploring a large variety of areas, unravelling secrets and interacting with each other on social and martial levels. TibiaME launches two major content updates and multiple smaller episodic updates per year. TibiaME is played by more than 50,000 active players worldwide

About CipSoft

CipSoft is an independent German developer and publisher of online games for various platforms.  With 300,000 international players, Tibia, the main product is one of the oldest and most successful online role playing games from Europe. Furthermore, TibiaME is the first online role playing game for mobile phones worldwide. CipSoft's third product, Fiction Fighters, an interactive 3D online comic, will be released soon. 

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