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Thriller New Media/Ant Games deal

WarBirds Dogfights, WarBirds Red Baron and M4 Tank Platoon get European distribution.

CARY, NC - March 31, 2010 – Thriller New Media (TNM), an iEntertainment Network Inc, Company, (PINK SHEETS: IENT.pk), the award-winning developer of the World Famous WarBirds TotalSims series of military MMOGs, today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Ant Games of Oxford, United Kingdom, for distribution of Thriller New Media’s new products for 2010, WarBirds Dogfights, WarBirds Red Baron, and M4 Tank Platoon. WarBirds Dogfights is expected to be released in Europe by early summer and Red Baron and M4 Tank Platoon will be released for the fall season for both PC and Mac Computers.

WarBirds Dogfights is a fast action military flying simulation game that gives player pilots fast-flying combat contests across the embattled skies of Europe and the Pacific. Players can choose among 100 historically accurate aircraft to battle an armada of incoming aircraft in thousands of unique combat mission combinations. With Dogfight’s dynamic game engine, no two air battles will ever be the same.

WarBirds Red Baron adds exciting World War I flying action with Sopwith Camel, Fokker Triplane, and Zeppelin Airship combat with lots of game variations from flying fighters or bombers, gunnery missions, and a final, intense one versus one combat, against the famous Red Baron! M4 Tank Platoon (World War II tank battles) is a remake of one of the most famous games from MicroProse Software, M1 Tank Platoon where Thriller CEO, Wild Bill Stealey, was the CEO and Producer of that great simulation! Wild Bill is bringing back all the fun of M1 Tank to the new M4 Tank Platoon! Wild Bill expects to bring out a new modern tank game in 2011.

Ant Games and Thriller New Media will collaborate on these games and a continuing series of new military games from Thriller New Media for PCs, Macs, and coming soon to console game machines.

About Thriller New Media, iEntertainment Network Company.

Cary, NC, USA, based Thriller New Media, a division of iEntertainment Network (PINK SHEETS: IENT.pk) is the award-winning developer of the world famous WarBirds TotalSims air combat simulation flying MMO game series. The founder and CEO is games veteran JW “Wild Bill” Stealey who co-founded MicroProse (with games legend Sid Meier) and Interactive Magic, now known as iEntertainment Network. Mr. Stealey retired from the Air Force Reserve as a Lt. Colonel and Command Pilot. As CEO, Wild Bill has produced F-15 Strike Eagle, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Gunship, Silent Service, and Apache among other hit military action game titles.

About Ant Games Ltd.

Oxford, UK. Ant Games Ltd is an independent multi format game publisher and has a wide ranging line up of exciting products which are sold through distribution partners across Europe. The co founder and Operations Director is Stewart Bell who also was the founding Managing Director of MicroProse Europe and who worked with Wild Bill Stealey to establish the MicroProse brand.


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