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THQ: Acquisitions not crucial for growth

But CEO Brian Farrell believes that the two publisher mega-deals are creating new opportunities

THQ's CEO, Brian Farrell, has explained that he doesn't believe that, despite adding Big Huge Games and Elephant Entertainment to the company's portfolio since the beginning of the year, further acquisitions are necessary for further growth.

But speaking to Reuters, he did note that the current business landscape, with the tectonic merger between Activision and Vivendi Games going through, and the continuing possibility of a deal between Electronic Arts and Take-Two, that he was seeing new potential.

"We are seeing some opportunities in the marketplace given the two transactions going on," he said. "It's going to create some opportunities because we are actively looking at every developer, every license out there and with our size now we can be more aggressive than larger, slower firms."

Meanwhile, although THQ's net income for the third fiscal quarter was down 75 per cent, Farrell believes that the games industry in general is avoiding any repercussions from the wider economic strife: "We haven't seen any signs of slowdown," he said.

Key titles for the publisher this year will be GTA-style sequel Saints Row 2 and the videogame based on Disney/Pixar's WallE.

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