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January issue now available.

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It seems we're all carrying a little Christmas cheer into January after the recent “deep freeze” - and as a gamer, why wouldn't you be happy? Q1 2010 is finally here!

When you see the fantastic calendar of upcoming games, it's easy to find something to get excited about. This is going to be like Christmas round 2, only with better presents, less socks, and no need to buy anything for anybody else. Bring it on!

Considering the amount of gaming goodness we're about to be battered with, Thirteen1 have put together a handy round-up of the 13 games they are looking forward to the most. We all know that Q1 2010 is going to be a time for wise purchases, so this should help.

Of course, no self-respecting games publication can end a decade of gaming without looking back on it, so this month's Thirteen1 has a, sure to be controversial, countdown of the best games of the Naughties. This was hard to choose..almost too hard. Be sure to check which game they voted the best of the entire decade! There's guaranteed to be one or two surprise entries in there..

Following the recent merging of browser-based games company Wizard Productions (formerly Go3 Media), T1 decided to take to the streets of Mafia Corruption, their free2play mafia MMO, to see what all the fuss is about. Discover why BBG experts think this ranks as one of the best on the market.

The Drunken Gamer has been at it again, stumbling from one game to another with a drink and computer mouse in hand. This month, the self-confessed 'trekkie' finally got the chance to go hands-on with the beta of Star Trek Online. Does it really have what it takes to please both fans of the series and hardcore MMO'ers?

While taking a break from tackling the depths of space in his spaceship, the Drunken Gamer was also invited back to Frogster's swashbuckling Bounty Bay Online. The January issue of Thirteen1 has Part 2 of the cracking Beyond the Horizon tour, along with a bunch of rare pets to giveaway too!

Fancy a proper scare? Then look no further than Jonathan Boakes' latest horror adventure game, Dark Fall: Lost Souls. Thirteen1 finally get hands-on with the sequel to the spooky Dark Fall: Lights Out, once again returning to the eerie Dowerton train station. A great way to follow up on their interview with Mr. Boakes in the December issue. They did review from it behind the couch, mind...

With a massive Global Agenda feature, a superb Q&A with the geniuses behind Cletus Clay, free comps and giveaways and so much more, the Jan issue of free-to-read Thirteen1 is well worth the cover price (er..).

Enjoy the issue!


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