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thePodKast Network

The new home for gaming podcasts.

Co-founders Jonathon Phillips, Grahame Falvey and John Irwin have been involved in the vast gaming community surrounding VALVe for several years. They are partnering with other vocal and ambitious gamers presenting the latest news, views and entertainment from all sectors of the gaming world. Focusing on strong communities, the network offers its listeners a single location for forums, blog posts and, of course, podcasts.

Past guests and interviewees on the network include:

Robin Walker of VALVe Software (Team Fortress 2),

Mårten Stormdal and Staffan Ahlström of Fatshark (Lead and Gold),

James Benson, animator for LionHead (Fabel III)

as well as many heroes of the gaming communities.

An archive of all podcasts is available on the site.

"We all play, our friends play and their friends play too. It's easy to see how communities spring up around gaming. We hope that by allowing the communities to have a voice the rest of the world can see that the fun in gaming doesn't stop when you turn your monitor off or put your controller down." says CEO, co-founder and podcaster John Irwin.

Currently playing host to representatives from North America, Europe and Australasia, tPK can be considered from day one, to already be an international network.  

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