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Theatre of War Released

Press Info for Immediate Release

1C and Battlefront.com are thrilled to announce the release of Theatre of War, the highly anticipated World War Two real-time strategy game by the creators of IL-2 Sturmovik and the makers of Combat Mission!

The game is available immediately from www.battlefront.com in three delivery methods.

Digital Download for $45

Mail Delivery for $45 plus Shipping & Handling

Both Download AND Mail Delivery for $55 plus Shipping & Handling

The DVD's are expected to be shipping out from our warehouses within the next 2 weeks but the Download version is available immediately.

Order Theatre of War Here!


THEATRE OF WAR Game Features

o Full Featured Mission Editor

o Real Time Combat Simulation - Realistic shell ballistics, armor penetration calculations and damage effects coupled with destructible environments, trenches, fortifications and individually tracked weapons, equipment, ammo and vehicles

o 5 Historical Campaigns, each with unique units and equipment - US/UK, Soviet, German, French and Polish.

o Over 40 campaign missions based on real WWII battles

o Over 30 different maps designed using historical military documents and covering a variety of seasons, weather conditions and environments.

o 9 Single (non-campaign) Battles plus 4 Training scenarios.

o 8 Multiplayer Missions (Internet/LAN) with a maximum of 8 players

o Unique Role Playing Elements: soldiers gain experience and new skills as they progress though the campaigns.

o Soldiers can be Promoted and awarded Medals and Decorations.

o Real World Military Tactics: Units fight using authentic tactical formations and realistic battle drills

o Amazing Freedom of Action: Replace and reinforce gun crews, pick up dropped weapons, capture enemy equipment and even select specific weapons and ammo to use.

o Advanced Individual Unit AI: Units intelligently react to changing battle situations and conditions. They will take cover, avoid obstacles and seek to gain the upper hand against their enemies.

o Huge assortment of units, uniforms, equipment and vehicles: hundreds of different unit types including Tanks, AT Guns, Support Vehicles, Armored Cars, MG Teams, Anti-Tank Rifles, Aircraft, Artillery, Infantry and more from the major nations of WWII; all based on historical military sources.

o Dynamic Battlefields; Wage war in all four seasons over beautifully rendered landscapes. Watch as trees get knocked over by tanks, vehicles crush men and equipment under their treads, tracers stitch across no mans land and high explosive shells leave huge smoking craters.

o Devastating Airstrikes and Artillery Barrages.

o State of the art 3D character animation and graphics.

o Easy to use order system. Command your troops quickly and efficiently and keep tabs on their individual status with the innovative soldier monitor system.

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