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The XBLA Show

Broadcast weekly via YouTube and the XBLA Forum.

"Gamer, professional lurker, rock band tv ad extraordinaire has been working on various projects for the past 3 months, today marks the birth of The XBLA Show."

For the past 6 months, Jodaphone has been working as one of the staff writers for Xbox Live Addicts http://www.xboxliveaddicts.co.uk/. The leading UK XCN community website that specializes in the community of video gaming news, reviews, content, competitions and event coverage. With over 25,000 registered forum members. The site has been active for over 6 years. And has had various national media coverage, on Xbox UK's Inside Xbox channel. And a full page spread in Official Xbox Magazine.

The XBLA Show is the birth child of months of preparation and planning with various influence community members. An ethos and mission strategy to create informative and interesting content for the Xbox Community and XBLA. Specifically focusing on the themes of being informal and friendly in the style of it's unique production.

Providing "quality" content without the sometimes apparent "gamer stigma" that can be sometimes found in broadcast mediums such as YouTube and other websites that are around in the community. Focusing on making it appeal to absolutely everyone in the whole demographic. The community is about all ages, and all types of gamers, and all genres of games.

"I just wanted to have the focus on keeping things very wide corridor, open and appealing for all types. Because the viewers of the videos and XBLA are from all walks of life, so having the show that just rambles on about the latest hardcore fps would not be a great idea. But at the same time I am trying to keep it regularly focal, and have a very unique and creative essence to it, so it still has a definitive XBLA flare. I just feel really passionately about the games industry. Combining my video production experience and love of gaming together to create something that people are going to think about, consume and enjoy is what I really want to do." - Jodaphone

If we do not do something different, there won't be anyone who is going to want to watch the show when compared to the stuff already out there. And it will not be unique to XBLA. The XBLA Show is about having informative, different information whether it be "The Top 5 News Of The Week" like in episode 1-3. Exclusive interviews with members of the industry and gamers; sharing interesting opinions and something to reach the unique demographic of viewers. And whether it be event coverage, developer interviews, or just looking at what is on offer in the market with reviews, keeping things with our spin on what it means to be a gamer.

---The XBLA (XboxLiveAddicts) Show is currently a regularly weekly segment broadcast on Saturdays distributed via YouTube and on the XBLA Forum---



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