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The Witch’s Yarn Invites Story Lovers to Play it with Their Spin!

For Immediate Release

Emeryville, CA, May 14, 2005 - Mousechief (www.mousechief.com) releases a new kind of casual entertainment. The Witch's Yarn offers an innovative system for playing with the characters and events which make up a lighthearted melodrama. Easy to play, one minute after starting the game, readers will be ably immersed in the story.

Meet Wednesday, a witch who foreswore magic for the love a mortal, now passed away. Urged by her family to resume her natural talents, she instead opens a small shop, spinning and selling yarn, intent on a quiet life. However, life will be anything but quiet until Wednesday discovers her true purpose in the mortal world. A circus of outlandish characters perform their magic upon Wednesday, in The Witch's Yarn.

Presented as a theater script brought to life, beautiful illustrations and a terrific jazz soundtrack provide the richest of reading experiences. Gameplay begins as a simple branching narrative, where the player chooses, scene by scene, which actor will take the lead. The Witch's Yarn presents a wild variety of characters players can use to advance the story in different directions. The fun grows as complications arise, which are handled by choosing the character best suited to resolve these gradually more difficult challenges. By the end of the tale, an entangled web of conflicted characters must be carefully navigated in order to bring the drama to a satisfying, and quite possibly surprising, conclusion.

The Witch's Yarn tells a many stranded tale of modern living with a wisecracking dose of fantasy. Although suitable for everyone, adults will fully appreciate its humor and situations. It is a story about family, community, and simple living. Challenges in the game arise from the very same issues by enhancing, not interrupting, the story.

Built with the CineProseTM adventure engine, The Witch's Yarn combines the best of movies, live theater, and the written word. Play for one minute or one hour. It's as easy to pick up and enjoy as reading a book.

GameTunnel.com had this to say, "...provides very innovative game play that will likely get this game noticed. ...The Witch's Yarn definitely meets the mark with a quality adventure."

An AdventureGamer.com review said, "Each character has complex interpersonal relationships with several of the others-just as in real life. This large network of characters is one of the game's strengths, and the conflicts that arise among them drive the story forward."

The review in MacDirectory says, "...is a noteworthy achievement. ...meant not only to entertain [the] avid gamer, but also to attract those casual gamers who might otherwise pass a smaller game by. In fact, this game should also appeal to those who don't consider themselves gamers at all."

Versions for Windows and Macintosh are available immediately for free, secure, and easy download. After previewing the first two chapters, unlock the full game for $19.95 (USD). Over 10 hours of interactive entertainment.


Registered users are entitled to unlimited play, free updates and technical support.

About Mousechief Co.

Mousechief (pronounced like mischief) was formed by an 12 year, veteran game developer. It's goal is to craft new kinds of game experiences for under-served audiences. Located in the San Francisco bay area, it has been in operation for nearly two years.

For more information about The Witch's Yarn:

Contact: Keith Nemitz


(510) 652-3197

Company: Mousechief Co.

E-mail: chief@mousechief.com

Company site: http://www.Mousechief.com/

Company logo: http://www.Mousechief.com/mousechief_logo2.png

Game site: http://www.TheWitchsYarn.com/

Game logo: http://www.Mousechief.com/wheel.png






PC download: http://www.thewitchsyarn.com/begin_pc_dl.html

Mac download: http://www.thewitchsyarn.com/begin_mac_dl.html


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